Hay Fever

This week pollens in the spring wind have defeated me and I've been moving in slow motion, but my head medicine is working because I feel upbeat and hopeful. I can't handle fiber without a shower cap, a dust mask, a goggle over my glasses and long sleeved shirts, and a shower immediately after I finish, so instead I've been playing with drafts, particularly with different scales of log cabin, and other four-shaft drafts to weave on Jack as my joy-weaving using my rediscovered yarns.

Dot has had such a success with her samplers that I'm even thinking I might even do something like that, because when I try out related threading and treadling, the resulting "draft" looks like a sampler/gamp so with a little modification, I might try small ones as cushion covers, or larger ones as knee rugs/couch blankets.

I also received Leslie Voiers' book on Log Cabin from Halcyon Yarns today, (Item Number: 52011000). This one is worth the money, the postage and then some!!

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