Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've been intending to merge my website and this blog for a while, (times two, if I count the Japanese versions,) and had imagined it'd be a cinch for the most part, transferring information and maybe a little editing, eventually deleting the current websites, which is in fact blogs.  I expected only the Gallery portion will require some thinking.

But now I find myself in a bit of cognitive liquefaction.  I realize I have been inadvertently using a few identities, including "MegWeaves" (originally my URL and later my "brand",) "Unravelling", "Meg in Nelson" and of course my real name.  And there may be more, I can't remember.    And I discovered I'm very reluctant to let go of the first two, and even the third, a little bit.

So I'm back on the drawing board, (notebook and small Post It notes and different-colored high-lighters), thinking not-exactly exhilarating marketing thoughts such as target market (for the website cum blog, or is it the other way around?), images I want to project as a weaver, the mood, etc.


Any biased opinion is welcome and very much appreciated.  Who do you think I am?


  1. To me, you are Meg in NZ. Meg who Weaves.

  2. I came across this yesterday, which reminded me of my blogger-deleted comment from a while back. I don't agree with everything he says, but found both the post and the comments gave food for thought. I think of you as both Meg and MegWeaves. I like MegWeaves as an "identity" - it's Meg who weaves, I can get that! (On Yahoo, e.g. for WeaveTech and the OLG, I have been callyweaves for several years. I didn't want to be, but my callybooker id seemed to be indelibly associated with a defunct email address so had to pick another one. I'm now always surprised but quite pleased to see it!)

  3. I don't think I can ever leave "MegWeaves". It's handy, easy to remember, and besides, I still have gazillions of woven labels and printed cards. And if I were to change that, I'd have to run around the Internet securing accounts and url under another name.

    Having said that, I do love my "Unravelling" aspect, because it is so me, and I emotionally and intellectually unravell all the time while battling this thing called weaving. And the blog is my way for me to remember and explain to myself how I've unravelled, and occasionally, how I've "re-ravelled".

    Cally, I saw that link from Textile Arts or somewhere - meant to read it, but then I had too many links opened at once and I closed them all. I shall go revisit it. But just one question - was it hard to let go of "t'katch"? Do you miss her/it?

  4. A little, but I had never really intended it as a permanent name, which is why I didn't use it in the URL on wordpress. My favourite name to use is my own, just because it's a given and therefore it's pointless to worry about whether or not it was a good choice!

  5. I hear you. But then I used to have (not sure if I still do) a strong need to constantly reinvent myself. Still no closer to any solution here.

  6. It;s so simple...
    Your site name will be (as well as as this site). So your web site meagre into this blog.
    You have tab category (page section) from key element of web site and the home (which is the blog page) named as Unravelling. It's up to you for changing display name of your profile but I think it's not necessary.

  7. He's right you know. They sometimes are.

  8. So, I'm copying this from my FB Page, but it's more about my identity as a weaver, I think.

    In 2006 I started out being a weaver who wanted to 1) exhibit, and 2) wanted to weave unique pieces for commission, and tried to supplement my income by having my things in galleries.

    Since then, 1) I haven't round enough exhibitions that would include the humble handwoven cloth, and 2) I made contact with 3 local galleries, so I've been more or less trying to concentrate on supplying those shops. Now I find they are adequately supplied for the moment, I wanted to update my website - and that will be3 the 3rd time in 6 years. Now I can't remember what kind of a weaver I am, and what kind of a message I want to send - I don't know who my target market is if I were to have a website.

    Plus, whenever we are asked about helping folks build their websites, we strongly suggest they look into blogs and FB pages. So I'm trying to redefine what kind of a weaver I want to be, and also trying to practice what I preach, a little.


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