Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Area" Postscript

"Jolly Lucky Us" Award: due to a misunderstanding with the group that was to follow us, The Refinery extended the Area Exhibition by two weeks.  Lucky, eh?

"Saying 'No' Politely" Award: make no mistake, every time the Richmond group contacts me, they are nothing but courteous and polite, but this morning they rang to ask if I would write the article for the paper Creative Fibre magazine.  I thought that was pushing it a bit, and I declined, politely, I hope.  Photos, I was going to take for group blogs I mind anyway, but the magazine, and the greater group, have different goals from mine; it's more a correspondence among friends than educational/informative, and certainly not critical, and where a gathering is covered, there's an unspoken rule the article must end with, "And a good time was had by all."  I'll still select and send them the photos, no problem.

"Good Grief" Mention: apparently the brown garment has become such a problem they are going to take it down and put it on a dressmaker's dummy.  Richmond was courteous enough to ask if I would mind, and no, I don't mind because it's their exhibition, but in this case, I think it's their loss. And if the makers wanted it on a dummy in the first place, they should have arranged/instructed Richmond.

"Go for It" Mention: the blue garment on the plinth, I was most definitely going to hang from the rafter, until I was instructed the shibori-pleated scarf must stand like Queen Liz I's collar.  After much pondering I placed it on the plinth and propped the scarf up with a surprisingly small amount of tissue papers I could muster.  I was told this morning Richmond never liked it, so they are going to bring in another dummy.  In this cake, it will most definitely show off the garment much better, so they get a big happy "Go for it" from me.  

Note to self:  If ever I'm asked again to hang an exhibition, ask to bring in all the dummies they can corral, just in case.

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  1. It's been a pleasure dealing with the Richmond folks, but I am glad I'm one step removed, from any group, so I can walk away at a point of my choosing. Chocolate fish to the Richmond team!


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