Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Channeling Randy

Well, not really. I'm trying to correct the tension of the navy Log Cabin warp, and yes, there are most definitely two colors; I know this because when I hold the chain, for a one-color warp it looks as if two dye lots were mixed.
It was supposed to be a quick job first thing morning; I was hoping to unwind, in reality and figuratively, rewind, and move on to threading the big loom, then something else afterwards. But it was 2PM before I knew it and I needed a break.
It's amazing what we weavers do with a few sticks and a bit of string, isn't it? I feel so... smug. OK, back to it.     

By the way have you been able to watch the Craft in America vid? I get as far as the first Quilt Maker (I think) talk about her grandfather, but no further; I only know Randy doesn't do plaids. Because he's a Romantic. These folks were supposed to keep me company while I worked on the navy warp.

Do I have to go to a larger city with better Internet connection? 

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