American Craft has had a new episode online all week. The website says the air date is November 16, so we probably have to wait until the weekend to view, but the title is "Crossroads" and, "This episode explores the intersections of craft, culture, and technology." Should be fascinating.

And how about handmade umbrellas and parasols from Paris

I'm fringing furiously and throughly bored of the task.


  1. Great links! I didn't even know about the 'american craft' series, but now I mighgt just watch them all! and those umbrellas, infact,that website, made me swoon. Wow

  2. Swoon is the correct answer, here; much better than mine, gape. Though they may be other correct ones.

  3. Apparently there is a Jacquard in the episode. I'm going to be so envious after I see it.


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