Monday, November 12, 2012

On Marketing

I adore websites and blogs that don't blather but show the works and the artists at their best, the kind that have separate tabs for CV, exhibitions and awards, gallery, that, printed, can be submitted straight away as grant applications. I imagine those artists look and embody their artwork, be they in colorful clothes, inhabiting minimalist interiors or traditionally-elegant garden. The opposite of me. 

The first website I had from 06 to about 09 was elegant, if I may say so myself. Ben and I worked hard on it. I started this and the Japanese blogs to augment the news section of that website. But I learned I enjoy blogging and the blogs became something else, and I wouldn't be surprised if I became someone else.

With this third incarnation, everything merged here, and separate websites disappeared. And I guess that's who I am, where I am, now. I'm more interested in making contents, (cloth!!) than presentation. For now, I've got my Big Girl Pants on and stopped worrying about "having" to have a "presentable/marketable" online presence. That is all.


  1. I like your blog! And I find it hard to keep my webside up to date, and the result is that it isn't. I feel that on the website the photos should be very good and the layout as well, and I simply cannot manage that. I also like making cloth much better!

  2. Yeah. As Kiwis say, "Can't be bothered," in a nutshell.


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