Days Leading up to Fridays

First off, I know Blogger gets naughty from time to time disallowing comments, but Michelle says Unravelling said she has no "permission to leave comment." Has anyone else seen this? My relationship with Blogger's "new" editor remains tenuous but I haven't changed settings in a year or two or three and have never blocked anybody. So this one was totally from the left field and I'm not sure what to do. Know anything?

I got two Santa Fe-bound pieces off of Warp of Shame. I like these and, while fringing, thought these were "well-crafted", but while pressing I changed my mind again. It's the usual thing; they are technically wonky. At least they both have that scintillating color/sheen thing.
Next is an iffy project; the warp is a strange cotton. Look at the label; it's 3 sets of 3 sets of 60/2; wiry, kinky, stiff and hard, in hot pink. It may suit bags and possibly jackets, but I can't think of suitable usage within my short list of things-I-make, (i.e. scarves, shawls, and tea towels.) It's almost an unfriendly yarn. And yet I put it on the loom and sampled because I love the color and the size in contrast to 20/2s. I'm not sure if it would work as a scarf, other than, say, splashes of color to go with a rain or trench coat; you get the gist. I sleyed at 36EPI but may resley at 30.
Santa Fe wants colors from me, so naturally I keep thinking of cottons, but Pat said to send wool as northern winter approaches and I may be categorized as a New Zealand weaver. Truth is, I don't have the good merino in colors so I turned to my cashmeres. I made one warp using from Indigo to blue-red, but I don't like it so I'm putting it on hold and make another, possibly in greens, purples and pinky oranges.
But... no gardening; it's been a bad year for hay fever, and yet our place could so use some TLC. Ben has next week off, so perhaps, perhaps.


charlotte said...

I love your bright colorful scarves! But I also tend to get dissatisfied with items when pressing, I often thinkt they looked better while still in the loom. Perhaps we're just too critical of our work+

margery meyers haber said...

Beautiful work, Meg. Have you washed the pink cotton, yet? That may soften it up. And I haven't had any trouble leaving comments to Blogger sites.

Meg said...

Charlotte: no, I have a few too many technical weaknesses.

Margery, yes, and it didn't help much. This warp may make good scrubbing cloths, though. And thanks, re. Blogger comments.