"Weaver to Weaver"

Can we please pencil in either an SSVE or something like it sometime in the first half of next year? And tell me which you prefer?

Today I have another idea that's hopefully very low stress but fun: a friendly hello from one weaver to another.

1) Collect small free or inexpensive items that inspire you as a weaver, that show something of your weaverly thinking/feeling, or something achingly lovely. Put a few in a "normal sized" envelope; I'm thinking a medium Christmas card size, or "business" size roughly one-third of an A4 or Letter size sheet.

2) Email me how many envelopes you've got by the end of your day, Sunday, November 25, 2012 Monday, November 26 NZ time, which is this time around the world. Let's say, between one and three envelope/s per weaver.

3) Include in that email also your name and physical address and your or another blog or Flickr URL or somewhere else people can find out more about you and your work. If you haven't got any, that's not a problem.

4) On Monday, November 26, Tuesday, I'll match you up with an/other weaver/s and send you their contact detail. You guessed it, if you have three envelopes to send, you'll hear from three weavers, too.

5) Send your envelope/s to your partner/s on or before Monday, December 31, 2012. That's any time from Nov 26 to Dec 31. For overseas mail, use Air Mail.   

6) Sit, wait, and enjoy.  When you receive your envelope, make yourself a hot/cold cup/glass of something and sit in your favorite chair. Tell us about it if you like.

You might prefer to do 2) and 3) first so you will hear from me re. 4), find out about your partner/s, then collect/assemble. You may also want to check the Air Mail postage before you start.

You might want to write a short letter. Or not. You might include a tiny drawing, a photograph, a sample swatch, a bundle of thrums, or something else entirely. If mailing overseas, be careful of plant matters as some countries are very strict about what comes into the country.

What I have in mind is a friendly hello from one weaver to another, celebrating the end of one year and wishing a lovely colorful new one, in a tangible way. Who knows, your partner/s may become your weaving buddy/ies in 2013. But please don't overthink it; you are supposed to enjoy it.  

Is anyone game? Is this still too much for this time of the year? It's something you could do in the next 10 days if you like, or after the holiday rush whichever holiday you celebrate. Not a weaver? Not a problem, though you might receive uniquely weaverly love. But who minds that!?

If you're in, please email me, not comment on this post, with: 
Number of envelopes between 1 and 3,
Your name and postal address,
Your URL.

EDIT: Alicja brought up the point of English being the main language of communication. It is, in so far as you need to understand the guidelines and be able to communicate with me. But it's not required in the actual exchange/contents of the envelope. In fact, weaverly love may become more intense without words. So she writes, in English. If you know of compatriots who may have difficulty with English, please have them contact me anyway, or offer to help them if you have time? I know Japanese and English, and can manage with electronic help some of the major European languages.

EDIT: Final list reads: Alicja T (3), Jane Dallaway (2), Cally B (2), Julie B (3), Heather W (2), Jane Deane (2), Holly H (2), Kaz M (2), Ela R-G (2), Helen R (3), Heidi P (3), Jo M (3), Janet S (1), Dianne D (1), Terri B (1), Noor I (2). And me (3).  

EDIT: If you post about envelopes you prepared or received, please send me a link. If you don't blog, you can send me some pics and comments/thoughts.
Meg, Ela, Meg, Jane, Cally, Jane , Kaz, Cally, Alicja, Jane, Meg, Heather, Julie, Ela, Dianne, Alicja, Alicja, Kaz.


Holly said...

You can count me in!

Anonymous said...

Should be interesting!

Heidi said...

Count me in!

Also count me in for a small textile or SSVE submission in the new year.

Meg said...

:-) So looking forward. I've started to think of things to put into my envelope/s!

Anonymous said...

Oooh - it sounds like fun Meg, but I can't just now. Hope you all have a great time :)

Meg said...

Oh, Judy, sad face, sad face, but that's OK, you must have tons of due dates.

Jane said...

I'm in. I hope you got an email from me to say so as I had to hunt your email address down via another page on your site as the one listed in the post in the sentence "2) Email me" came back with a delivery error.

Meg said...

I'm so sorry, I had my email at mail.com rather than gmail.com. I've fixed that. I'll keep adding names of people from whom I've heard on this post. Jane, I have received your email. So sorry, folks.

.... klutz.... Grrr.... blind girl.... stupid... idiot.... light-weight.... amateur....

saoriweaver said...

Count me in too - just saw this today.

Jo McIntosh said...

Well, I think it sounds like fun so count me in!