Labeled and Tagged

I thought, for the amount of work alternating wefts takes, this doesn't look so wonderful, but the colors worked well. I like colors with a lot of blue in them. I used three purples in the weft.
I simplified the color alteration, made the weaving much faster, and the effect is greater. There are five oranges in the weft. 
B-side of this cloth looks as if it's been Shikoku-stitched. I love the look of my very old, blue towel in the background.

These are coarsest cloth I've ever made, compared even to old coarse wool. However, Pat thought some people would like this texture/drape. The shimmering interplay of colors are great. I thought these would make great bag fabric, to which Pat said, "I don't like cloth bags." Ah, well, to each her own.

45 days and only four pieces completed. I feel so frustrated, but at least I can post four pieces to Santa Fe tomorrow morning. The next, cashmere, warp is already wound. I need to make up some drafts next.


Mette said...

You don't think this look wonderful? Meg, really....
(Thanks for the postcard - you didn't need to :-)
Kind regards

Meg said...

Oh, they look OK, Mette, but they feel terrible.