In Between

I've been in limbo since I returned from Australia, especially after I finished blogging about my trip. I've unpacked, even washed paint palettes with methylated spirit; I have ideas and plans, but a little heavy on the bookbinding/drawing/mm side; it's been a little cold inside; and Ben's been home so we've been hanging out without doing a whole heck of a lot. We had planned to visit Christchurch for a couple of days during his time off, but he had a mini dental emergency and he's been uncomfortable on antibiotics; but at least extraction was not called for - it was the tooth next to the one which bothers him usually.
I worked on the postcard some more; they are photographed upside down because when I work on them, I try to make them interesting from multiple sides, though they don't necessarily end up so. I used the methylated spirit to take some unwanted paint/media blobs off the book pages from the workshops; these worked sometimes if the paint and media underneath were piled on thickly, but sometimes they just dissolved the desirable paint layers and made holes.

Hope is mentoring me in making my own Vincent stamps and stencils. I've manipulated his self-portraits into crude gray scale pictures but need to simplify the fields further and then make sure there are no "islands". While in Australia, Carol showed me a book she bound and is in the process of filling; it was beautiful and interesting and unforgettable.

That got me Googling bookbinding images, which got me hocked on artist/bookbinder Roz Stendahl, blog and YouTube, who turned out to be from the Twin cities, which in turn made me nostalgic enough to join the Twin cities Urban Sketchers group on Facebook, and even wishing I could spend a day at the Minnesota State Fair. (I also found out from her blog the authors of the bread book Sam recommended live in Minneapolis.)

I don't know how they tie in with my weaving, but I am interested in some more drawing/sketching.

I read the one book I bought in Australia; it wasn't so wonderful, it's from Tate and a little Anglo- and Gaugin-centric, but it got me back in the swing of reading about art in France in that era, and looking up works by more painters. 

Both Ben and I cooked. Spring is coming regardless of my plans, so at least we're looking forward to the coming salad and fresh veg season. But my breads are still iffy; perhaps I need the bread book to complete the circle.

Tomorrow is the start of September. Ben goes back to work; weeding, finishing my books from the workshops or postcards, weaving, or cooking, whatever it is, I hope to get back on at least one horse. 


Meg said...

Ben and I also watched Seth's tutorial DVD; he had heaps more techniques and materials not introduced in his one-day courses. Part of me doesn't want any more mixed media material, especially the insert-description-mediums that sound all the same to me and pretty much do the same things; part of me wants to give them a go. Maybe if there are workshops where I can try them they would be good places to try, but it would have to be around here and inexpensive.

Laura Fry said...

Spring is coming down under while winter approaches up north. The seasons roll on.

Cate Rose said...

Try to get a copy of The Tassajara Bread Book -- it's still the best, even after 40 years and all the other bread books that have since been released. Very basic stuff, always very good. It was my bread baking bible for many years. The original book has been updated at least once, but the original recipe(s) are still there -- hopefully.
I love those collage postcards, and love the way they look, displayed by color.
Happy almost-spring -- and happy almost-autumn to us in the NoHem.

Meg said...

I feel I missed out on the autumn and winter this year. Yikes. Connie, I happened to have their Cookery book, saved from a non-cook's trash! I'll be on the look out for their bread book. Ta.

Carol said...

Just realised I haven't watched Seth's video yet. Maybe today. You will learn so much from Roz Stendahl, she's brilliant, so clever and very generous in her teaching. Now I want to look at the bread book you've mentioned. And our first day of spring is superb! Not good tomorrow but at this moment it is a winner!

Meg said...

Crikey, I'm not ready for spring yet, Carol.

Curiousweaver said...

Hope all is well and the developing ideas in the mind are flowering for spring! It's raining here and cold but surely that lighter weather will come soon. Much too wet to walk to the weaving studio!

Meg said...

Kaz, have yo considered extending the studio along the fence to fill in the space between it and the Laundry? See my semi-serious face? I've been sick for a few days which turned out to be a great reprieve from the middle of 2014 which is looking, in retrospect, like a rather challenging times for me, challenging not as in difficult but as in I tried things I don't normally do. I'm enjoying not doing anything and not thinking and not worrying about having to do things and just being knocked out by mild over-the-counter drugs.

Meg said...

Have "you".