No Longer Sleeveless

I keep telling you my sewing skill is pretty terrible. But I wanted a cushy corduroy for the lining of what Ben calls my netbook sleeve. (It has an open top and a closed bottom, so it's really just a bag with no fastening mechanism nor handles.) I had to do the side seam of the lining twice, but it's finished just in time for my trip.

The outside fabric is almost vintage; one of my oldest warp-end fabrics from before 2004; 4-shft, 2/17 harsh-ish wool, very saturated in three reds. (A tad truer red than in the pic.) I used my weaving 2/20 cottons to sew.  
What, new laptop? Well, the old red laptop jumped off the loom bench a couple of years ago and ever since it's had trouble recharging in spite of replacing the battery, so I keep it in the office to work on drafts and edit some pics. Ben got this a few months ago on sale; the first was faulty and there was drama getting that one replaced, but it's a small laptop that can do some tablet-y things and good for travel.   
And I did something I always think to do with my bags but forget; crocked, but it's here.

And Ben cut my hair and I feels good.


Carol said...

I think it's pretty classy to have a tablet bag made of your own woven fabric! Love the colour, Meg!

Meg said...

Too kind, Carol. I'll show it to you next week.