Thoughts and Pics, Australia

I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I feel in my making. I see technical weaknesses in things I do, but now know I know a few things about my making; I can work with most colors and/or combinations, (though I desperately needed help with that one hard cover page in my previous post;) I like starting out with a small selection of colors or techniques but will add more if doing so improves the outcome. To that end, I'm not afraid of trying out new things in ways I don't immediately like, nor of discarding things not for me, but then I can usually see ways of using a technique so I don't have to discount anything. More importantly, I feel comfortable in my preferences so I don't have to shout in my defense. Sometimes.

Opportunely we finally had a debrief dinner for our drawing exhibition last night. I said all I wanted to but it didn't take long because I didn't have to think as I spoke; that's a refreshing change and I love the idea of me talking less.

You can take a walker out of big cities but you can't take big cities out of that walker. I live in heavenly Nelson with so much walking/trecking/tramping options in any direction, but I don't do much here except in our tiny CBD/downtown. Drop me in Yokohama/Tokyo, Brisbane or Sydney and come rain or shine I am in my element. Enough said; I'm not as lazy as I thought I had become; just in the wrongish place.

Now for pics.
The painting end of the Indigenous Arts space at Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, looking at probably my most favorite painting from the whole trip.
Best of about a dozen attempts; I saw two kangaroo traffic signs, too, but wasn't quick enough for pics. Shucks.
Another contender for my favorite panting from the trip, in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gallery at Art Gallery of New South Wales, though hardly enough TSI art for my taste.
A Vincent, though I'm not a fan of his Dutch paintings. I loved the sunset colors of Soutine better, and I think the colors were clearer in real life.
A disproportionately large bird on top of a delicate-ish-looking tree.

And this concludes my Australia report. Unless I think of something else. Gotta go put the rest of the stuff away now.

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