A Post in Need of a Title

I finished weaving the piece on the big loom yesterday morning. After an overnight rest, the left selvedge looks scalloped; disappointed because this warp behaved well on the loom. I'm a bit scared of wet-finishing.
Mom's third Skype "design" session with me was about colors. (After I rang her to remind her of our appointment.) I don't know if she's enjoying these; she hasn't said anything, but I like that after all these years, I'm accumulating interesting pages, (at least pretty?) in my sketchbook.
I haven't felt overly enthusiastic about working on the clasped weft warp; it's sat waiting for me like this for a few days.
I'm trying to convince myself a merino/mohair mix approximately 60cm wide is the next good choice. I don't like black, but I did go through a buying-black phase. You know, New Zealand, black? But this yarn has a lovely sheen that will contrast nicely with yarns without sheen. I wished I could still weave wider than this; I love the umph of a 75cm-ish pieces, for e.g. but my body can't handle the width any more, so a compromise.
I measured and counted cashmere warp ends Mom dismangled (get it?)/abandoned. One, I think, I made for her and put on the loom made of purples, red and lemon yellow. The other, she made and put on a loom narrower than the warp required so I transferred it to a wider loom. She decided she didn't like the colors. I don't mind making warps or putting them on looms for her, but I wished she'd take planning more seriously. She's just taken another warp off the loom, one I wound on the back beam and was ready to thread, cross and all, with verbal and written instructions explaining how I used the reed as a raddle so she'd have to take the ends out to thread, or something like that, I don't remember things after I write them down; she apparently didn't understand what I had done, so she's going to thread and wind front-to-back.
Ooops,  just bumped into the beater. Darn. Time to take it all out and start anew.
I've always wanted to be the kind of old lady who brought preserves or similar as a wee gift, and today I packed my pickled beetroot; we're going to JB and Ali's with Duane and Barbara next door, such good people,) but we have a wee drive there, ergo the attractive paper towel and plastic bag.

I've got so many thoughts permeating in my head this week about making and designing and training and permanence it's eye-watering. But it's late so I'll save them for another time.


Maureen said...

Just want you to know I think about you alot, wish we lived closer, love reading your articles and really really love the neck wrap I bought from you. I wear it often. Everytime I do, I think of you.
Btw I like your purpes/reds/lemon-yellow color combo. So rich and dramatic. ❤️

Meg said...

If we lived closer, I'd be hanging around your gallery so much you'd get no work done, and I'd be crashing the kids workshop, too. But it would be very nice. <3 <3 <3