Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Little Tied Up

Re. tied weaves, mostly Summer and Winter, and "Syrie", I looked at a small collection of samples I did for other projects yesterday.
1) Patterns are expressed by wefts.
2) I don't have to use patterns, i.e. I can have have big areas of backgrounds, (i.e. walls,) where Syria-inspired design will appear; weft can be seen, of course, but depending on the weft and warp yarn/s, size balance, and the pattern, they can be inconspicuous.
EDIT: It's now Feb 2020 and I'm rereading all posts relating to "Syrie" and I don't understand what I meant by inconspicuous. I know I didn't mean just showing blocks of weft floats, but this is what I'm thinking now.
3) I can use most of the shafts for the background and reserve just one for the pattern/windows if the windows are to appear in unison horizontally. The height of the windows can vary with  the treadling. If I want three sets of windows, where the third is a composite of two sets, I only need two pattern shafts.
Apologies the writing is tiny. The top pattern can be made with one or more pattern shafts, whereas the bottom two are examples of using two shafts.

I'll stop here today; more in a couple of days.

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