Yesterday, while remedying "tied weave" labeling, someone cut the cable between Sydney and, I assume, Auckland, bringing our speed to an-old-drunk-turtle-with-two-legs-in-the-dark fast. Since we had super slow access Tuesday night, (and all other times as par for the course in the provinces,) I thought Blogger was locking me out for trying to edit 100 post. Ben thought it was only Facebook and Flickr, because all else appeared normal-slow. Things seem back to normal in this department, but then we have sporadic rain, by which I mean the kind so big I can't hear myself read and the gutter, cleaned a fortnight ago, sometimes overflows in all direction. There might have been called something else before, like "storm" or "torrential" or such, but now this is "rain". Today it's sporadic, but folks all over flooded in Feb might be worried sick, or plain sick of it all.

Anyway, my muscle ache on my back progressed from "it's there" to "OK, I hear you," so today instead of weaving up the black merino/mohair warp, I've been staring at samples and glancing a at books. I am being difficult looking to create interest not with the pattern warp creating shapes, but with the other part, the normally-tabby part, the background. I wished I could find the sample I wove in the 2011 workshop or the drafts I used, either in the workshop or after to post here, but nada. Once I post here, I see this as a one-stop shop and, well, the rest gets purged. Except the samples; that is a conundrum. Lucky, though, the author of the posts, (me,) focuses on areas I'm interested in, so they have been more helpful than the books. :-D

I'm trying to remember:

a) How to create the interesting "background" (i.e. normally tabby) background - what is the treadling; and
b) How does the appearance of the cloth change when I turn the draft so I can have think-thin in the warp but weave with just the one shuttle.

And then a light bulb went on. I want the A-side and B-side to look as similar as possible so I can sew them in a cylinder but you can still see the windows from all sides? Does it make sense I'm reading up on Summer and Winter?????


  1. I really want to se Syrie very badly now after reading your posts! Unfortunately, I think I've never woven summmer and winter (or I might have once, as a small sample, very long ago). So I am not able to provide any advice.

    1. It keeps morphing in my head every day, so I'm not sure how it's going to end up. A bit of a worry, this one.


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