Friday, March 2, 2018


Hue, value and size of weft are good. Size and proportion of motifs are good. One weft repeat is just under 780 picks, and weaving slowly and paying attention to the selvedges, doable in a couple of hours, comes to about 80cm, but a little hard on the body so I need to take more breaks. I'm going for longer pieces on this warp, 240-270cm, so at least two more sittings to come for this piece.

The selvedge is, ummmm, 6/10, but that's me. Neither yarn fluffs up in the finishing, so the cloth will be "bumpy" or "dry" like cloth made of thickish cotton or silk, not "cushy" or "meaty" like my usual, but this is new-ish to me and appealing in a different way.

The colors are darker and more blue/navy, not predominantly purple. Today I needed three sets of lights in the middle of a cloudy, sometimes rainy day, to see where I was going.

But I like this.


  1. I like it too. Really like the pattern and weft colour. Success after leaving it long enough for it to talk to you. xx


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