Friday, February 11, 2011

What's Cooking

This post is updated from time to time to remind myself of all the wonderful ideas I could investigate.
Last update: October 1, 2013

Front Burner:
* Garments as dwelling of the most immediate kind/cloth as outer skin
* Tied weaves
* Deceptively simple/complex cloth 
* Bright and bold/geometric
* Good luck charms for others, as opposed to curses/needles-in-dolls
* Messages/language/hidden codes in cloth 

Cooling on the Side
* Textile in museums/relics/artifacts

Back Burner:
* Pineapples
* Hippopotamuses
* Central Asian/Muslim headgear, especially men's
* Yardage, especially textural Autumn/Winter fabric
* Woven Trapunto

Back of the Back Burner:
* Deep Sea creatures
* Arabic scripts
* The Library of Alexandria
* Boats as objects, especially handmade wooden boats
* Cloths woven on four or fewer shafts

Behind the Stove but Not Forgotten:
* Textural shibori
* Garments/bags made with my cloth
* Analogous Log Cabin
* More Rococo
* More Pacifika


  1. That's a great idea - it is so easy to forget good ideas and inspirations because they get overtaken by newer events!

  2. Exactly. And oddly, years may pass before I look at the list again, and yet I'm still thrilled about some of the items on the list that's lived there forever. Central Asian head gear is one; hippos and pineapples also.

    I also love maple leaves, and have played around with the idea on paper, but there's a big tree right outside our bedroom window so I've never put it in writing.

  3. Please add "Visiting Maureen and Tim in Montana" to your list. tee hee


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