Textile Places of Interest in Japan

I know.  You are allowed to laugh out loud, hysterically, in a fetal position, but it appears to me many of you have been far more successful locating them than I have, so do please let me know in the comment section where I should go, especially in the Tokyo/Yokohama area.  Thank you.

Now, resume laughing.


  1. Seriously. I wonder if it's because I Google in Japanese that I can't find much. But any help very much appreciated, weavers.

    Places I know of are:
    Yuzawaya, the huge craft shop chain;
    Tokyu Hands, ditto;
    Avril, the yarn store; never visited, kind of far;
    Asakusa Amuse Museum;
    Iwatate Folk Textile Museum, possibly one of the best in Tokyo these days, but I hear it's tiny.

    I know there are heaps of places around Kyoto, but I've not found anything interesting so far, except this one: http://sampling-sampling.blogspot.com/2010/11/tools-of-trade-i.html

    Mom of course knows some yarn shops, but she thinks shopping online is usually easier than visiting warehoue-like shops, as we both hate crowds... If I do go to Kyoto, I might venture out to some silks hops, however. Having said that, we still don't know if we'll travel within Japan or concentrate on the microcosm that is Tokyo/Yokohama.

  2. Oh, and a museum attached to one of the main fashion schools somewhere in the Shinjuku area. Never been, but read about it last year.

  3. This one might be interesting: http://www.inagakikiryou.com/
    ...at least the web site and supplies are interesting
    Stephanie S

  4. Yes, that's the link from the Sampling blog; it's only the most famous weaving equipment maker in Japan.

  5. Hi Meg
    I have some places that I found written on the right side of my blog. www.claresmith.blogspot.com

    The place in Shinjuku is the Bunka Womens fashion school and has a textile museum attached which was closed for an exhibition change last time I was in Tokyo. Turn right out of Shinjuku South gate, walk 6 mins, it is on the other side of the road.

    The there is Blue and White shop in Azabu Juban which is nice. I always go to Yuzawaya in Kamata city, the one in Kichijoji is much smaller now that it is at the top of a department store.

  6. Hi, Clare.

    Bunka, yes, that's right. I've never been to their museum. Asabu Juban - I used to work very near there in 1983-84 and went the B&W shop often until I knew everything they had; I hadn't thought of them since then.


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