Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Oranges!

Yesterday was cloudy so I needed more/different lights in my basement workshop. Perhaps an hour into weaving my first scarf, I noticed I used two different orange yarns in the Purple and Orange warp.

The fact is, I gradually started to see that the far left stripe was slightly darker than the rest, but as the window was to my right, I blamed it on the light.  The difference wasn't gradual, but sharp and clear and it started to bother me more so I had to compare the two cones with the warp.   Goodness gracious me!!

One is a slightly darker, browner, decidedly brick orange in color, and slightly skinner at 2/26, while the other is warmer and with a hint of pink, and slightly plumper at 2/20.  I had thought the 2/26 was brand new and I had never used it before, so I still can't understand how I mixed them up while making the warp.  Nor did I sample with it in the weft, because I didn't want to expand the scope of my sampling too widely - or did I; is this the one I used sampling?  Was it a hoax when I showed you the yarn on the pirn and in the warp and said how bleached out the colors looked?  And I lied to Joan on Thursday??  I'll have to wait until I get the right light. 

Even after I verified there are two oranges in the warp, it was difficult to see the difference in the sample until I hit just the right light and angle.  As well, the digital camera/computer screen combination doesn't show them the way I see with my near-sided eyes.

But then I see the bottom sample in the previous post clearly showing the difference.  In fact, now that I know it's there, I see a dark streak on one edge everywhere I look.  Luckily, the textural difference, especially after wet-finishing, is small.  

I could measure 12 ends and unwind/rewind the warp after I finish this first scarf, or I can just keep going; I can't make up my mind at the moment.  If I stay away from wefts with red/orange inclinations, I might be OK.

The colors here are inaccurate because I turned all florescent lights on to shoot the photo, but you can see the difference.

Mid-morning light coming through frosted window.  It's harder to see the difference with the naked eye.

Indirect mid-morning sun, with me and the scarf behind the stairway and closer to the floor; to the naked eye, the difference is more marked; I'm not sure why the bottom right contains bleached-looking areas in the photo; they don't exist on the sample.  In slightly darker light, once again I can't see the difference.

After some moment of self-loathing, rolling such words as "amateur," "idiot," and "stupid, stupid, stupid" in my head, I decided, (i.e. a judgment call, not a realization,) it's not a big deal.  Though I do hate imperfection; as Sheldon would renounce, in his squeaky voice, "In what Universe can this be misconstrued as a design feature??"   

I see great possibilities in using these two "disguised" as one in future warps, perhaps in Log Cabin, perhaps in Shadow Weave.  Hee hee, I've an evil, scheming smile over my gritted teeth.


  1. I thought that one day working in the basement would come back to bite me, but I make my warps near the stairway, almost the lightest part of this dark house, so I am scratching my head big time!

  2. press on and when you get toward the end, switch back to the other orange...then is seems intentional.

  3. I love purple and orange together!

  4. Holly, that may be an interesting solution.

    Connie, so do I! And it does work, but I don't know about this one - this afternoon's weaving revealed the difference in EVERY light.



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