What's Cooking

Last Update: September 23, 2017

Front Burner
* "Tapestry" technique in relation to shapes/colors/values
* Interesting 4-shaft designs
* Combining stash-reduction projects with making beautiful pieces.

Back Burner
* Tied weaves
* Friendship project
* Telling/illustrating stories through cloth
* Themed projects


Esmae said...

That's a great idea - it is so easy to forget good ideas and inspirations because they get overtaken by newer events!

Meg said...

Exactly. And oddly, years may pass before I look at the list again, and yet I'm still thrilled about some of the items on the list that's lived there forever. Central Asian head gear is one; hippos and pineapples also.

I also love maple leaves, and have played around with the idea on paper, but there's a big tree right outside our bedroom window so I've never put it in writing.

Maureen said...

Please add "Visiting Maureen and Tim in Montana" to your list. tee hee