Randy、Meg and Megg

You must by now I am totally, unshakably and unconditionally in love with Randy Darwall and his cloth. So I admit I am unable to look at his work critically. I know I like his clear colors, and I know the eyes can't help but move when looking at his scarves. But I'm still too much in awe to study his work, and feel such act violates the high esteem every living being should hold him in.

So it helps to have friends like Megg Hewlett. Over a month ago, when Megg came to my house, I gingerly showed her my Randall Darwall, and she didn't miss a beat, but went straight into the business of describing what was happening color-wise.

Oh,but how dare she!! I know she's right, it's a yellow scarf with lavender warp!! What? Lavender?? I never noticed. I was utterly flustered I can't remember much else. She might have said something about contrast, or proportion, or flow.

But critically studying a Randy Darwall? Is nothing sacred any more???

Megg is appearing in the November or December issue of NZ Home and Garden, folks!


Peg in South Carolina said...

Lovely post but absolutely gorgeous photo. Thanks for posting it.

Meg said...

Yes, it is the magic of THE Randy, Peg. You don't happen to be in Nelson just now, do you? My gallery owner just told me she spoke to a Peg!