Series "Pacific"

A feminine interpretation of Tapa. I wanted the design to blend into the fabric, so I washed this vigorously.

The bold, clear design, which is unusual for me. I love that the two sides look very different.

I used possum/merino/silk mix both ways, so these are thick and almost blankety shawls.

I like the way the two of them look together. I usually weaves pieces that look different even whey they come from the same warp, so this, too, is a first.


stromsjo said...

Looks great, Meg. I particularly like that last shot. Hope you're having a rewarding weekend after all that effort.

Meg said...

Thanks, Per. Wellington was exhausting! I usually have a great time visiting, but "working" here is a totally different story!!

Anonymous said...

Meg - It was so good to see you and Ben at Refine. I'm glad the "Deep" was your first sale there - it was my favourite. Hope to see you back on this side of the ditch soon. Warm Hugs, xoxoxo

Meg said...

It was lovely to see you, too, Esther. It didn't feel like it's been years. Tho I do worry about Jimmy and his knee.