Output Years/Input Years

I've been feeling tired, drained, and even a bit harassed by the people who are trying to help me progress my career. I thought I was just cranky, but I think I know how it's come about.

In 2005, I sent away one piece to one exhibit, and wove three commission pieces. The rest were whatever I wanted to weave, woven whenever I got around to weaving.

In 2006, I sent away one piece, (woven in 2005), to one exhibit, and wove two or three commission pieces. I wove at leisure to stock the gallery, went to Randy's workshop, and then in November I started working on the January exhibit.

By the end of 2007, it appears I'll have been involved with five exhibits and two "events"; I'll have woven five commission pieces and quite a few for the gallery. So, although I've not woven new pieces for every single exhibit (though I wished I could have), I've still designed and woven quite a few in what is for me painfully short turnaround time, at the same time learning how to write proposals, hang an exhibit, and be part of larger art events.

The best and the worst part of this job is, I can't leave it in the office and come home.

By no means 2007 has been a bad year; I have an easier time with input than output, so this much output is astounding for this slow weaver. Still, I feel my spirit thinning, and the garden needs weeding.

So what have I got for 2008? 2007 is going to happen; I'm going to take it easy and be my own apprentice. I'll dye. Megg Hewlett and I'll continue to develop our joint exhibit; and if this exhibit happens in the winter, fine; if it doesn't happen until 2009, I'm fine with that, too.

Tomorrow, the Re:fine truck leaves Nelson. Five more days to Welly.

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