Fruits and Vegetables

"The Four Seasons" was probably the first feature movie Alan Alda made; I remember it was much anticipated in 1981.

It is about three or four middle-aged couples who holiday together, except this particular year, one of the couples separated, and the husband brought a very young girlfriend. Others felt divided loyalties, and the discarded wife felt, well, discarded by the whole group.

The said husband might have claimed he left the wife for a woman half his age because life with the Mrs was too predictable, that she didn't like adventures or spontaneity. Yeah, right.

The discarded wife began to pursue her interest in photography, and she might have started a career photographing fruits. Her work had a new-ish look; she placed fruits on a sheet of glass and shot them from below. I seem to remember the clear blue sky around the fruits.

After being complimented by her somewhat bewildered friends, the wife-turned-photographer disclosed a big secret; she was thinking of doing something completely new: mixing fruits and vegetables. But not just yet.

The reason I brought this up is, about two weeks ago, I was having a moral and creative crisis wondering if I should include narrow strips of teal and light teal in a charcoal gray warp. I had to think long and hard about this and decided to go for it, not because I thought it would look nice, but because I'm trying to do a lot of things that are counterintuitive, to experiment and variety to my work.

I knew there was a reason I never forgot that scene.

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