Last Friday, the selectors for Re:fine came to select the pieces to take to the exhibit in Wellington. We had a great time hanging them on chairs, throwing them on the floor, and scrunching them up to see the folds and the drape. In the end, they chose these seven, plus a sample piece people can feel at the exhibit, even though not all may be used in the show.

As you can see, six of them are from my Jan/Feb exhibit. I was disappointed and embarrassed, in the two months I had to make additional pieces, I only wove three news ones. The new series based in the Pacific tapa cloth felt terribly different from what I normally do and I hummed and hah-ed for six weeks before I knew what I wanted to do. When I took them off the loom, however, the designs had my name all over them. I've been trying to photograph them to post, but they have a fuzzy texture and my tiny auto focus camera hasn't been able to cope, so I'll try with manual focus soon. Fourth from the top is one of them.

I like the look and the fee of the new series, and I'd like to do more, but I'm still disappointed I only had three to show for the effort.

I've been in a strange head space since then. As of 2PM Friday, I've been free of pressing deadlines for the first time in 13 months. At first I felt free and restless and I paced around the house. Then I sat down to study my many To Do lists, and got a bit discouraged because so much mundane stuff had been neglected. Then I started planning my next few weaving projects, including a short correspondence course I signed up for in July 2005, which I still hope to finish.

Then, in less than 24 hours, a friend told me about another exhibit in town in October, to rebrand Refinery Art Space as a gallery rather than a collection of studios, and I hastily made inquiries and am waiting to hear back.

This morning at 10.30 Dan the Photographer is going to shoot them for the exhibit catalogue, (and he'll chuckle because I'll shoot him shooting my stuff again) and I'm supposed to have tidied them up and packed them to take into town, but they are still sitting in the same pile in the living room.

I think I want to move on to the next thing now.

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