My First Megg Hewlett Bag

A while back, she liked two of the scarves I had at home so I gave them to her. At that time she promised I could have a bag of hers, but I hadn't gotten around to visiting her house to pick one out. After dropping off my shawls at the WOW Museum to be transported to Wellington, I finally went to her house.

As I said many times, Megg is really good with colors, and matches amazing hues and values in her bags, but I was hoping for one with not too many hues. Of course this purple one jumped up and down trying to catch my attention right away; to my delight, it has about five different values and one shiny yarn, in mid-purple to mauve. I'm besotted with it; I certainly came out better off than Megg in this swap!!

Even though this is wool knitted and felted, the bag is very strong and durable. Megg even had one bag with a brick in it at the Expo to demonstrate the durability. And the appearance doesn't deteriorate with use.

I intend to carry this around Wellington when I visit the galleries. And I got a few of her business cards, too.

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