We Apologize, but No Textile, Please.

Many galleries in New Zealand don't want textiles in their beautiful spaces. At least not handwoven textiles.

I've been recommended a few galleries to contact and make appointments with in Wellington, by people who know galleries and such, as long as I'm there for the opening of Re;fine. So, even though this is one of the things I dread about being a weaver, I emailed four galleries on Monday. In 11 minutes, I got my first "No Textiles" reply, but I hadn't heard back from the other three. Only because I said I'd ring them either yesterday or today, I did so, rather gingerly, this morning.

First gallery: the person doesn't work today, but will be in on Sunday, so could I please ring back? Sure. Phew.

The second gallery: he used to have handwoven textiles, but don't any more, (that's about 95% of galleries in New Zealand, I bet!) but because he's Japanese and I'm Japanese, he'll make time to see me, or that's my understanding. He stocks a lot of Nelson art, though. So... OK.

The third, a museum shop: "Yes, wonderful, bring some stuff over so we can have your work here while Re:fine is open down the road." Ummm... wow, ok...

And the other exhibit in Nelson in October, I seem to have gotten a provisional "go", at least I need some pieces to show this curator, sometime in the next nine days.

Oh, and my friend Hella placed an order. We're heading towards summer, so this is not urgent, but still, something to keep in the back of my mind...

So, this is everything I worked for for the last few years, and it's like a dream, but hey, why can't these things trickle in in a more orderly, periodic, predictable manner? And what's going to happen to my garden, and my plans to tidy and clean the entire house? I'm not complaining, just saying...

* * * * *
Actually I rang the museum shop first, and was flabbergasted by his response, and almost didn't ring the other two. But I altered the post to create dramatic effect, not that this weaver needs any more drama the moment.

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