Beware of Husbands Eavesdropping?!?

For years, I've been pondering making a bunch of showy dog collars and leashes (with no serious guarantee of their length, especially if the pooches like to chew!) to give to my friends. Just cute-looking Christmas presents, stocking stuffers, you know.

This morning, Beloved (who is an amateur photographer) thought I may be interested in looking at a website where that showed camera straps woven on a Jacquard loom. Now, I have absolutely no idea where he got the idea, or the vocabulary of, a jacquard loom, but he's like a toddler, and I talk weaving with weavers thinking he's not interested nor is listening, and months later I get proven wrong. Time and time again.

It turns out these are not handwoven by this woman, (which is what I thought he meant), but hat's off to Ben for recognizing it takes something like a Jacquard to weave complicated curvy designs.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure: this is how Beloved found her, this is her site, and this is her blog. Her business has a international-customer-friendly shipping policy.

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