Is it called "shot" in English? The type of cloth, often in silk, that shimmers in two distinct colors? In Japanese, it's called "tamamushi", meaning "buprestid", according to an on-line J/E dictionary.

Ben phoned to ask if I had any photo for our Photo blog, and I couldn't find anything interesting to show; I usually try to introduce a place, thing or activity in Nelson, or something universally funny on that blog. Then I saw this where the sand looked swept, so I started it cleaning up. I brightened the medium range, and accentuated the contrast slightly, and then exaggerated the saturation a tiny bit, and suddenly all these colors appeared, reminding me of a "shot" cloth. I'd love to weave something like this some time, but probably in a different color combination.

(That's a shadow of my hand and camera there.)


Taueret said...

that is a beautiful pic (so is the chair photo in today's entry).

Meg said...

Thank you, Taueret. It's from Rabbit Island, a treasure trove of design inspiration, a beautiful tiny islands of sand and grass and pine trees, but which used to be a huge rubbish dump about 30 min from our house.

Meg said...

And the chair is one of the new ones they installed at Fairfield House, a grand old villa in Central Nelson, after decades of refurbishment. The fabrics used were meant to match the mood of the era, but some of the chairs (not this one) were nice fabric on your standard conference room chairs - very uncomfortable for an all day lecture.