Randall Darwall Update

This is not the kind of post I want to start the new week with, but I received a mass email from Randy this morning which reads:

"Hi Kids:
I head into the OR Monday Mar 3 @ 10am for what is properly called a radical retropubic prostetectomy. [Sound like a Sondheim lyric to me--so we just call it Rad's radical]. We seem to have caught the cancer early through psa checks.

"Brian and I are both very positive about all this. [I've already purchased key pieces for my Spring wardrobe which have yet to be worn.]

"Our dear friend Judy has agreed to update this site as often as she can with new information, in order to keep B from going any crazier than he already is.

"Send positive thoughts and click here. Randy"

He will be at Cape Cod Hospital, Mass. From here, you can email him in care of the hospital. Amazing, this Internet thing.

I'm sure he appreciates my discussing his prostate publicly. :-P


"Randy's surgery is a success. He's resting comfortably..... All surrounding nodules are clear, which is wonderful news!"


Randy Darwall passed away after a short illness either on Friday, January 13 or Saturday, January 14, 2017. (I heard on Saturday here in New Zealand.) There is supposed to be a memorial in the northern hemisphere spring. This is all I found on Facebook.

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