I got my new glasses, or old frames with new lenses, this morning and I can't believe how clearly I can see. I keep forgetting these are new. I no longer have to peer over the top of the frame, or guess. This is wonderful!! I should have done it a year ago, but I honestly didn't think my eye sight had deteriorated this much.

I used to seldom make mistakes in threading, and never in sleying, but the last six months there were a couple or more things going wrong on virtually every warps! I honestly thought it was my mind, my head, or my attention span. Maybe, just maybe, I couldn't see what I was doing and was feeling my way around my loom? I'll let you know in a little while.

I'm off to the Design Workshop early in the morning, and will return late Monday after my RD presentation. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Dana and Daisy said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog. The story of the shuttle thrown out the window made me chuckle. I'll be back to visit more.


Anonymous said...

YEAH! for new glasses and clear vision. Of course, now we will be expecting total perfection on the weave structure. ;)

Fabulous weekend to you too.

YEAH! for the eye doctor!

Meg said...

Welcome, Dana. It is funny, isn't it; not a bad thing my studio is in the basement with one small window!

OK, Lynne, I got you. I was anticipating a Psychologist to tell me I'm a perfectionist and it's inhibiting me from doing things, so I wrote that post in defense of perfectionism, not about me. In fact, I'm so not a perfectionist, I give them a bad name. So, out you go, throw your lovely shuttle some, and come back when you got the P word out of your mind, hee hee.

Dianne said...

I took your lesson to heart and got out a pair of reading glasses half a degree stronger - wonderful for threading the loom but oh dear, the housework needs some attention. If you want to relax while at the loom take the new glasses off in the house!!

Meg said...

Oh, ha ha ha, Dianne. I got these on Friday and was in Blenehim by 9AM Saturday and came home at 10.45 last night so I haven't had the chance to inspect my house with sparkly glasses yet; I'll be in Sue's gallery today. So I think I'll be hit by shock-horror about now tomorrow!!!