Sunday, March 9, 2008

Randy Darwall Workshop Presentation Preparation

I finished my PowerPoint slide show for the March guild meeting. I'll read and edit some on Wednesday at Sue's gallery, and rehearsal on the afternoon before the presentation, on the 17th, but we checked the laptop/projector compatibility this morning, and I think I've got a good set of slides for an enjoyable presentation. Having said that, it's the first time I've ever done something like this, and the photo slides look inconsistent in tone and format, but I won't worry about that.

According to the CaringBridge site, Randy and Brian went home on Saturday. Though I hate either of them being sick, it was surreal and kind of thrilling to be updated on their wellbeing for one week. To be honest, I'll miss that.

Here's an article on Randy from the Wicked Local Harwich, December 2007. In the article, Randy said he wanted to teach his Ninth Graders weaving because, “It wasn’t representational art which had to look like its subject. It could be free form. It could look like anything.” I never thought of weaving as free form; rather, I've always been mindful of its structural restrictions, and I liked them. This is a new way of thinking.


  1. :-) I had art 'beaten' out of me by an illustrator mother who "constructively critcised" every thing I drew from my fist crayon scribble, until I eventually gave up in my teens. Many yars later, fibre art and especially weaving has allowed me to rediscover everything I wasn't allowed to explore then. I only hope I live long enough to catch up ;-).

  2. Have you posted it so all of your internet fans can enjoy your perfection? Please.

  3. Taueret, your comment is so pertinent to what I was thinking yesterday before I read it. Almost spooky. My singing war ruined by a mother who was classically trained, though I still love to sing, but only when I'm alone.

    Ooops, Lynne, the P word has come back to bite me on the bottom!! It's far from perfect, and I'm not sure if is it of any use to post the slides without my script, or do I post the script as well? And I guess it would have go to on my web site... I'll think about it after I come back from the presentation.

    As well, I also cleaned up the photos quite a bit, and am now thinking of replacing/adding the photos in my old posts I wrote immediately after I came back from Randy's workshop. That's on the TODO as well. Yikes.


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