How Many Ways Can You Do Me Wrong

I wrote that when I was weaving the yellow/teal cottons, things were going so badly I started to make a mental list. That afternoon, I had well over a dozen things, but I never wrote them down and now I can remember only a few.

One was "warp is threaded through the space above the eye of the texolve heddle"; another was "warp is threaded through the space below the eye of the texolve heddle."

Before I had a raddle, I sometimes sleyed them through a reed and wound the warp on the back beam, then threaded and re-sleyed. One time, I forgot about threading and tied the warp on the cloth beam and wondered why the treadles didn't work.

Earlier one, the most frustrating thing was when I'd drop the shuttle: sometimes I, and the shuttle, came back up the wrong way and I ended up weaving in parts of the loom.

The funniest thing I ever read in this department was on one of the lists in '95; it was a beautiful spring or autumn day and the studio window was wide open. The weaver threw the shuttle with joy and it flew out the window. Her studio was on the second or third floor!

Bless her. Bless us all.

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