Permission to Shop

I had to go buy some clothes for my trip because so much have become tired and threadbare, and they embarrass my family. Clothes shopping is taxing on my self-esteem because I'm so overweight, particularly since I stopped going to the gym about a year ago because their loud music was giving bad ringing in my ear. I've been feeling the expansion, not only around the middle but all over lately, and have been wondering what I can do so that not only will I enjoy it the first two days, but will stick to the regime.

One of the things I've thought this morning is the weight scale has become my enemy over the decades, and I can get on it and be in total denial of it says, so I must employ another measurement. And I've come up with an inexpensive, cute solution: I'm going to look for the cutest, loveliest tape measure, and measure around the middle instead of weighing myself, and I'm going to use that tape measure only for that purpose, I think. This alone won't help, but you know, I'm willing to consider most anything at this point.

Please let me know if you know something on-line that's too cute to miss.


Dana and Daisy said...

I have two of these, one in my car, and one in my studio. Pinocchio won't mind if you lie to yourself about the measurements! ;)


Meg said...

Goodness me, is that cute or what!