Yours Truey, Humbly, Red-Faced-ly...

If you don't like your voice on recording devices, I'm probably worse. I've been tutoring English and Japanese from age 16, and many a times I've succumbed to requests to record, which requirs playing them back for checking, so I've come to hate my voice and diction in two languages. I always wanted to volunteer to read/record for the blind in whichever languages in demand wherever I lived, but I can't overcome this particular cringe.

And this is the preface to... yes... the Crafternoon Tea episode that includes my longish gushing. Never been a woman of few words, I missed the chance to include some very important things, some of which were marked clearly in my notes:

* Being the least experienced weaver in the workshop is a wonderful experience, particularly in a weaving workshop. Weavers are caring and sharing and someone is bound to look after you in and after the workshop.

* "Stash" is a hereditary condition. My parents raised the entire roof of their house by one meter so Mom can have an attic stash space, in addition the bedroom I and my sister shared, and my brother's bedroom, which was subsequently turned into a design room. All of upstairs is now her work space. So I monitor my hereditary condition, but I'm not responsible for it.

* Cats vs Dogs: Though I am aware many weavers are serious cat lovers, I remain faithful to my canine friends. You can love dogs on your terms, not theirs. And how else do you get another mammal to pant at the sight of me?

In person, I'm a lot finnier and less serious. I'm not this intense. Ben says it's the cheap microphone but I'm not sure where all the staccato and emphasis come from. I nearly don't recognize myself. But! I do repeat myself, and jump all over, and cause train-of-thought-wrecks.

The correct term for the Japanese Living National Treasure is "Holders of Important Intangible Cultural Assets", i.e. the skill sets to create important stuff. I didn't have the complete title, but then this is only my translation.

After all is said and done, I stand by everything I said. But you know that, because you read them here over and over again.

Thank you, Genny, it was a most interesting experience. I never thought anyone could ask me anything new I hadn't thought and hashed and rehashed about weaving, but you had me top to think several times.

And Dad had been right all along; I have got to stop laughing and taking at the same time. I can't hear what I'm saying. And Mom and I thought he was just being a spoil sport.


Dianne said...

Hi Meg,
Well done. I've only listened to a short bit as I want to figure how to download it to my MP3 but it sounds great to me. I'm listening to the info rather than the sound. Sure it could have been improved by some editing but I'm really enjoying it. Now to figure this mp3 gadget.

Dianne said...

I've figured it so off to the loom now with Meg, Priscilla and Margaret for company.

Meg said...

There is no new info from moi, Dianne. Priscilla gets up at 4 in the morning, however!!!