Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Long is the Life of Textile?

I found this Los Angeles Country Museum of Art blog via Hand/Eye magazine on Facebook. The blog is dedicated to extending the lift of cloth. (If they don't get moth damage, I know...) I'm not crazy about some of the reincarnations, but if they are lovingly re-crafted and use, I guess that extends the life of the cloth.


  1. That link lead to an awesome blog! Yeah, some of the creations are a bit non-classy but the ideas are great! Thanks for sharing with us. Sometimes when one strolls around in cyber-space one can find real goodies. That website is definitely one :)

  2. Yeah, it is. Beats library cards - remember those? - though I loved the textual quality of the wooden boxes... I wonder if anyone is trying to get rid of those wooden index boxes anywhere....


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