Backstrap Weaving

I found a blog on Backstrap Weaving via Dot.

Did I ever tell you about why I have something like 24 sets of sticks that used to be backstrap loom? I can't find an old post mentioning it, but I do, and they came with over 20 pairs of old white pantyhose! Did Kiwi nurses take up weaving in the 80's as art therapy? Long story short, the local Polytech wanted to get rid of the defunct Weaving School assets and I wanted one set, and they said all or nothing, so I paid $20 for the lot, thinking I can always use more sticks. I also had this idea of making them look all pretty and attaching instructions and selling them cheaply as a cash earner. Still might.

Anyway, I had a wee discussion with Restless Knitter on Twitter yesterday about portable looms and for some hours we seriously coveted a LeClerc Voyageur. This morning, I'm thinking how hilarious it would be if I just set up a backstrap loom on the isle of a plane and got to work. I'm a crazy, invisible middle-aged woman, you know; I might get away with it.

EDIT: UK Online Guild's March class is Backstrap and Rigid Heddle - something to look forward to while doing my tax returns for the period April 2008-March 2009. Serious. Quite happily in a most self-loathing mode, as this is nobody else's fault by mine. Every year.

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