Two More on Double Weave: The Problems

The first: the more troublesome issue for me was this. While weaving, I was mindful of tugging the boucle weft so it won't bunch up and tangle. It worked well with the white boucle and on the top layer of the pink, but not so on the bottom layer. I didn't want to pull the weft too much, I still wanted the arc, but because I couldn't see, there are more bubbles on one half of the blanket than the other. You can see the bubbles a little on the right half of the tube picture. I never had this problem while using non-boucle wefts so I was surprised and annoyed when I started to see the bubbles, but glad to find it didn't happen with all boucles.

I like cloth with boucle mixed in it, and I'm considering weaving a length of fabric like this at one stage. Lot of yarns of similar but slightly different hues with some textures. I have a picture of a little girl in a red princess-line, bubbly-fabric winter coat in mind, white tights, black leather shoes, skipping.

The second: although less problematic, but would-have-been-nice-if-I-could. At the start of the tube, I tried to weave a length of plain weave in one layer, so as to eliminate the need to sew the bottom of the pillow-case/cushion-cover/potential-bag. But the warp was too sticky and closely sett I couldn't lift the shafts satisfactorily. I would like to experiment with this using smooth cotton warp with no boucle mixed, and if that works, there may be new possibilities.

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