Thanks, Refinery

The scarves were up by Friday morning at the Refinery, and this morning Ben shot this. The "gadget" worked I should perhaps mass-produce it and extract precious cents from weavers the world over! Not!

Ben said the top dowel bows about 45 degrees, and I can't think of a pretty way to weight the bottom dowel short of embedding metal pieces into it. I think this will do for now.

I realized this morning I'd completely forgotten about swing tags and care instructions. Must deliver before I go on Monday!


Ewespecial said...

Love the scarves! It is always difficult to hang any exhibit with the proper equipment on hand. We always think we have everything we need and that is not the case. This looks to be a wonderful space.

Meg said...

Thank you, ES. Actually, my scarves conveniently hide their "staff only" space and the door just behind, on the right, is the loo! Nevertheless, this is pretty much the view as you enter the gallery, so I can't complain. This gallery has always been very kind to me.

Dianne said...

The scarves do look great and its an innovative way to hang them.
Are you really away from Monday? Miss you already.

Meg said...

Monday night to Auckland, Tuesday morning to Tokyo. That is, after I finish my tax returns today!!!