Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Recommend This Video/DVD

I viewed for the first time "Color Interaction for Handweavers" DVD by Donna Sullivan from Yarn Barn. Sullivan goes through a lot of information with woven samples, and she is focused on weaving and information specifically for weavers. About the first 1/3 is spent on very general color theory, but the rest focuses on fibers and how they react; colors under different lights, same colored yarns in different sizes and textures, etc.

What more can a weaver ask for?

Well, the DVD copyright is 2005, but it is in fact a copy of a 1991 video, so the sound is sub-par; if you have hearing problems like I do, you might have to play some sections over to hear what she says, at a rather old-ladyish volume. And the woven examples are very 80's. (Watch out for Sullivan's Big Bird jacket!) The DVD jacket says running time is 60 minutes, the inserted handout says 40; I think it's closer to 40. Still, the material is intelligent and focused, the samples pertinent to the points being made, and overall, a joy for weavers.

I recommend it. Check out your local/public, academic, or guild library to see if there's a copy hidden way somewhere!

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