Pics to Picks 2010: The Big Reveal

Back in March, 15 weavers exchanged visual clues to inspire and entice each other to design, and possibly weave, based on these clues. Ben picked names out of his baseball cap and matched exchange partners.

Here are the final results:

Lynn - Bety

Linda - Trapunto - Rose

Sampling - Sampling in Dec 2010 - Julia - Esmae

Desirée - Holly -

Shirley (Design and Color, P2P, Good Old "Birdseye")

Kaz (Print to Loom, Patterns for Print, Enjoying Images, her thoughts, and the scarves)

- Dana - Lynne - Meg

If you'd like to follow the progress of individual weavers, here they are:
(Blogs prefaced with * have had posts relating to this challenge since the Big Reveal)

Kaz's "curious weaver" posts tagged "Pics to Picks"

Julia's "Space and Structure" posts labeled "Pics to Picks"


Holly's "Honeysuckle Loom" posts labeled "Pics to Picks"

Lynn's "Linnet Knits" posts labeled "P2P"

Trapunto's "The Straight of the Goods" posts categorized
"Pics to Picks Challenge 2010"

Desirée's "hemvävt.net" posts tagged "Pics2Pics"

Bety's "deep end of the loom" posts tagged "Pics to Picks"

* Amanda's "Sampling" posts labeled "P2P"

Shirley Treasure at "Shirley Treasure"


Dana's "A Cat in My Lap" Posts labeld "Pics to Picks"

* Meg's "Unravelling" posts tagged "Pics to Picks"

The Challenge Brief

The previous Links page

The Big Gallery Flickr sets for this challenge has been deleted; some of the links were modified. 


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! I'm just looking at the links in anticipation... which one shall I click first?

Dorothy said...

This is wonderful!!! Well done to everyone, however far you've got with your weaving, the whole virtual gallery of work is all-together superb! So inspiring.

Meg said...

Thank you, ladies. I'm discovering some interesting things they've discovered on the way. It's been great fun!

Peg Cherre said...

Meg -

I'd love to get involved in your next project. How do I go about that?


Meg said...

Peg, if we do this again, I shall announce it on this blog, and have some link on the side as well. This started as an alternate to Small Scarf Exhibition we had for two years. I'm not sure which way we are going to go next time, but we usually have this sort of carry on once a year.