Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thinking abouot Not Thinking: Amendment

While riding in the car with Ben to pick up our ox tongues at the butchers, (fab dinner for two and leftovers coming our way!), I regurgitated the ideas I presented in the previous post, and thought I needed to make amendments.

It was analytical abilities, and not cynicism, which was valued in my past environments, I think, but being so not the big-picture person plus extremely short-tempered, I thought vocal cynicism would do the trick. I almost vaguely remember my junior/high school days when I discovered that, or more accurately, made myself believe that. I was all too well prepared for it.

And here, I use the dictionary definition of the word, instead of the teachings of the ancient Cynics, which is actually nice.

I think there's more coming in this vein. But I haven't thought that far just yet.

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