It's the end of the day, a holiday Monday, where I had a great time looking at everybody's posts. Thanks again.

I also put away most of the last two project debris, which were in every single room of the house except the bathroom and the bedroom. I put away those many cones of cotton, too; I didn't count. But I was just thinking.... Isn't it funny how I had all of the 2/20s on one shelf and all of the 2/60s on another, and after finishing a project, albeit a small one, the cones seems to have expanded and won't go back into the designated two shelves? Has that ever happened to you?

What's more, I discovered I've misplaced a previous scarf. It's one of the three I wove a little over year ago, the ones with insane sett. I sold one, gave one in a swap, and kept the last with me, because I need to study the structure and sett seriously. I love the yarn, the colors, but the scarf itself feels like steel wool.

I don't miss it as a scarf, but I do as an object of research and development. I do wear it, sometimes, so it could be in the handwash basket or the sleeve of a coat or in a travel bag. I might have taken it to Napier a month ago. But I can't find it. Oh well, no biggie, I still have the final sample before I started the scarves - they are snorter so it's harder to see how they hang, but still, these babies are just as steely and annoying as the scarf.

Lovely evening, lovely weekend. I am full of gratitude to you all, and the old head is full of ideas and plans.


Meg said...

There is a chance we stuck it in a charity bin in town because we've been giving away tons of stuff. And that would be good - if the scarf can have a second life. Ben's very fussy about that piece, but I'm not that worried. It's so passe for me.

Meg said...

I really should not have posted this one. Now that Ben knows, he's looking all over, asking me if I had looked this place or that. HONEY, I REALLY DON'T MISS THAT ONE!!