Problem with My Flickr Account

Recently I received emails stating two unheard-of groups included my Yahoo account without my authorization. I signed into my Yahoo to leave those groups, and not allow any groups to include my Yahoo account without my authorization. Since then, I have not been able to sign on to my Yahoo account; when I try, it says no such account exists.

Luckily, my Flickr account still exists, (it'd better because my Pro subscription is paid up until the end of the year,) but there is a wee chance that might be infected/affected in the future.

I apologize if it does, if such group endeavors as P2P and SSVE disappear suddenly. I have queried the issue with Yahoo, and will keep you updated.

UPDATE: It appears Yahoo was running some maintenance at the time; the problem disappeared about 90 minutes later. Yahoo help desk, meanwhile, requested I ring California during their business hours. Yeah, right.

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