Sunday, May 29, 2011


My laptop is temporarily living in the living room, and my P2P2 photo folder is permanently open.  I feel good that I don't know where I'm going with these photos at the moment, I play with photos for an hour, walk away to do other things, then revisit the images.

This morning I was taken aback at my selection of photos yesterday.  I had some I liked better,  but I chose those yesterday; isn't it funny? Especially for someone with such strong tastes such as moi?
This is the negative of the blue Honeysuckle picture, and my favorite yesterday in the shape/value department.  I love the different degrees of details, particularly the hint of unseen details.There is such movement in this as well, created by the different values of yellow, and perhaps the dotted-line-like details.  Can you hear the bumble bees?
Here is one interpretation, with more details in the medium range with a grainy, old look. (This reminds me Victorian hydrangea wallpapers in pinks, purples, blues, or all three. With floating ribbons.)
Here is another interpretation, a highly contrasting, crisp look.  I like both of these very much.
This is the positive of picture above the blue photo.  This was my favorite in the hue department. 
Here, I manipulated the negative further; when I manipulate saturation, contrast, and luminosity repeatedly, things I did not see start to emerge.  In this case, I did not pay attention to the difference in the shapes of the leaves and the boundaries of the different values; here here the shapes all but disappear and the flower sits in a pool of contrasting hues.
I'm still hung up on the blue/purple and yellow/gold/brown combination I liked in the monsoon cloud picture.  Here I played with Grand Canyon, but this weekend, I'm definitely learning towards dark blue/indigo and rusty golds.

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