Friday, May 6, 2011

Multiple Personae Disorder

It must be fate that this post comes after the previous post.  

On Thursday, shortly after I finished the post whose title sounds like a law firm, I got a phone call.  It was from a lovely professional-sounding woman.

It took me a while to understand what she was saying, through no fault of hers, but because I was deep in the tied-weave-blogging-about-it maze, and as it is I talk to myself, in my head or sometimes out loud, at roughly Third Grade reading level. I had speak and listen carefully so I wouldn't come across like an Grade A Nincompoop.

Long story short, folks at her work bought a piece of mine as a gift and I suspect they found my website which has background stories on a few very old and a few new pieces, in the Gallery.  The particular piece she was after was not listed, and have I written about it somewhere they can access? 

Well, yes, here.  And because it was one piece in a bigger project, I promised to send her a couple of links. Suffice it to say, it was part of Re:fine, but I had the wrong year it took me a while to track the posts down.   

Nowadays I have a hard time remembering why I rushed upstairs in the middle of weaving, so you cannot expect me to remember what I wrote in 2007, (as it turned out,) and if you're a frequent visitor you know this is a platform for my existential verbiage, weaving or otherwise.  And I hesitated for a moment to send her the links.   

When I started this blog, it was meant as a small and "professional" news section of my website.  As weaving encroached upon and intermeshed with every facet of me, other stuff seeped into this blog.  I was aware it was happening, but I couldn't think of any other way of operating.  (Last month, I finally deleted my other blog, "Not a Woman of Few Words," the only regret being I still think it's a cracker of a title.)  Whereas, around 2006 or whenever it was we built my first website, I had hoped to create a slick and professional and maybe even slightly mysterious personae of Meg the Weaver to reflect the [insert-adjectives] nature of my work, I've consistently tried to be a real person of late because I cannot operate in any other way.  

My current "website" is just another Blogger blog made to look (ever-so-slightly more) website-y, but we made it before Blogger introduced Pages/Tab so Ben found and modified the HTML codes to allow for the (slightly better looking) tabs.  And since my modes operandi as regards websites has become create/neglect/revamp, I've been thinking of bringing bits over here so I'd have only two weaving blogs, instead of the four, to cover the two languages of MegWeaves.  I mean, do we really need a website today?

All this makes me want to either revisit and recalibrate MegWeaves' marketing goals, or chuck it all and just bring the bare minimum so Unravelling functions as a website of sorts.  And knowing how tactful I am in manipulating multiple personae, well, we know which way I should go, don't we.

I know it has been a problem for some on Facebook, the private profile vs, the Public Pages. 

How do you manage this?

In the end I did send her three links, with a disclaimer, explaining the nature of the blog and the WYSIWYG nature of me. Right.  Loom time.


  1. Oh fiddlesticks. I just posted an incredibly long and thoughtfully worded comment here and blogger has thrown it away. I'm sulking now!

  2. Really? Oh, how sad for me!!!!!

  3. Darn, still very naughty Blogger. I was secretly hoping it might just pop up overnight...

  4. So was I! I'll have to see whether I can remember what I thought & said... after my brain has recovered from workshop-fever. At the moment I can just hear the sound of my own voice saying the same thing over and over again.

  5. I know one remedy to your symptom, Cally. I shall check your blog vigilantly the next couple of days. :-)


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