The Group

We met for the first time the Sunday after we came back from Blenheim the first time. That's a good 18 days ago, and I can't recall details, but this is what happened.

One person pulled out, so six met.  We went around the table first explaining our main techniques, (with a bit of Show & Tell,) what we hoped to get out of a group, and importantly what we didn't want to from a group. Our common consensus was a) we looked for a comfortable but serious place for critiquing, discussing the processes and alternative ways of looking/thinking/problem solving, and b) we didn't want a technique-specific workshop, (but with the possibility for subgroups,) nor an excuse for a coffee group.  By the time we were halfway around the table, we were ready to have a group.

Since it was not to be a study group, we needed a purpose/goal, and we began discussing a joint exhibition. We had different ideas about the location and scale, but agreed that instead of jumping hastily into one, we wanted time to work on the details of the exhibition as well as on our respective work.

Some were keen to write a "statement" which defined/clarified our raison d'etre and goal/s, and pick a name for the group; others with corporate experience felt an official statement was a little OTT, but we had a good time throwing out words to fine-tune our understanding, and observe the group dynamics.

You know me; I don't play nice with other children.  So I am a little apprehensive about working as a member of a group, but the "making" will be individual if we so choose, and I am quietly excited about the prospect of working with these women.  Having spoken to two since, I think everybody else is, too.

Boy, this hasn't been much of a recap; sorry.  To make up for it, I'll put a link to "62 Group" which one member thought we should model ourselves after.  Having communicated with the group's representative, the key to the longevity of the group is being vigilant/strenuous (my words) about selecting only high-standard work.  So I need to up my game big time to play with the big girls now.

We meet next in late May.


Anonymous said...

Sounds really constructuve and positive, well done. No harm in going slowly and watching the other children from the sidelines for a while...

Meg said...

Yeah, cautiously observing the others from edge of the sandbox! Which doesn't sound like me at all, but I don't want to waste the opportunity.