Thursday, May 19, 2011


The person sending me visuals for my P2P2 project is Amanda, and we've been in communication. Her/my envelope is en route, but she posted the photos on her blog, and though I swore I would be good and wait to receive the real deal, I cheated.  Here they are.

Amanda lives in Arizona, and she included two from there.  Long-time readers will remember Dad worked at the U of A Tucson for a year and I went to kindergarten during the academic year JFK was shot.  I've been going down memory lane all morning, remembering trips to the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, (two most memorable places the five-year-old me), the meteor crater, Bryce Canyon, (not in Arizona, but equally visually memorable.)  And the almost weekly drive to Saguaro National Park.  And all the "dips" in the roads that allowed the evening shower water to run and not flood all the roads.

1962/3 were the best year of my parents' lives.  They knew it then, and even I sensed it.  They were in their early/mid 30's, Dad had a relaxing research job, Mom was playing tennis every day, they had two cars, (unthinkable in Japan in the 60's), we lived in a small rented house with a dry garden, and they had to deal with just one kid.  I know they both wanted to stay in the US, (or go to Australia), but Dad respects such things as family ties and duty so we went home after three years "sabbatical" in the US.

Boy, we had a nice life.  And we lived every minute to the fullest. 

There is also a cat pic, and again, you might know I'm a dog person and my eyes are watering and scalp itching just thinking about Zip, so I think I'll give His Loveliness a miss.  The honeysuckle pic is a lovely close up, and you know I'm a sucker for these.  And it's orange, so there are many things I could do with this one.

After I get over reminiscing, maybe next week, I'll have some play with the three.  Well, they're really two in my mind.  I predict a long phone call home in the next couple of days.

* * * * *

This morning, 8:15AM.

Beloved: "Is there any more important envelopes to post/mail, or are you expecting something today?"

Wife of 21 years: "No, and no, thanks. Why?"

Beloved "So it's OK if I forget to check the PO Box."

Bewildered: "Do you plan to forget to go?"

Beloved: "Huh?"


  1. You might have been naughty, but I did only post 4 pics and left myself room for 2 more surprises... :-)

  2. We had one of those years in our family too! It was 1970/71 and my dad had a sabbatical in California. I was 3, turning 4, and Matt was just a baby (in fact he was adopted in LA). It was sunshine and relaxation, with a big American house - and my mum wasn't working (as a doctor she wasn't allowed to practice in the US) so she was relaxed and we were relaxed... and we had holidays at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite... I have so many vivid memories of that year.

  3. Wow, you, too, Cally? Among other things, the variety of natural wonders in North America never ceases to amaze me. Also, that a child of 4 and 5 can sense that this year, as opposed to ones in the past or even future, is going to be a significant year in his/her life. I still feel sad about the sadness I felt in my parents. In fact, my mother's life went downhill for about the next 25 years - tiny house, new baby, (not a problem herself but the busy-ness), sick and difficult mother-in-law coming to live with us, 60's student movement, (Dad and Grandpa and her brother working for a university with one of the most active student body), being tied to the house, never having "her" time, my starting school, never enough money, etc., etc., etc. Goodness, when I write them all down, it's a wonder how she came out so wholesome this side of her 60's!

  4. Thank you girls for these lovely stories. I enjoyed reading them. Xxx
    My pics are in the mail to IA USA..... & I can't wait to get mine.

  5. Especially now that your loom is fixed! ;-)


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