Monday, June 13, 2011

Where to Next?

Ronette came over for a cup of tea this morning, which ended up being two cups of coffee and a cup of tea over four hours for her, one cup of coffee and a whole lot of right-brain massage for me.  What a pleasure.

As expected, we talked a lot about weaving and art and creativity and such.  And though we arrived at no particular conclusion, I feel it's OK that A) there may not be as much "concept" worked into my weaving from "art education" point of view, and if I feel guilty about a short/direct designing, that's my problem, and B) if I enjoy the round-about design "process" as I think is prescribed by "art education", that's OK, too; there is the chance of a bonus discovery.  But I don't have to work the way I think "art education" demands. Ronette also highly recommends David Hockney's 1993 book, "That's the Way I See It", and interviews on his website.  (And look, he's got Grand Canyon there, too.)
And in just seconds, look how she "rearranged" the other, longer wooly mess.  3D!  This is how one uses experimental/research material.  Suddenly it looked beautiful to me.

* * * * *

So, what did Amanda send me?  Six photos and one fab card.  I'm glad I asked for the printed version after all because each photo has, oh, so much more details in them, and even though I've been staring at the Grand Canyon pic for what feels like ages to the point I feel like I know it well, there is still so much more information in the printed version.  Ditto with the others.

(Click on the photo; I saved a larger version than usual.)

And look at the Kayak photo; isn't that just the colors I love so much?  And the streaky lights in the car trouble photo, which I thought was a tailgating party outside a ball park at first!   It reminds me of the photo I received from Lynne last year.  But because it doesn't have the variety of hues, one's eyes do look for lines and shapes.  Very interesting. 

I see more weird wool fluff in my future.  And I can't believe I just admitted to it.

* * * * *

I am sincerely, honestly and energetically enjoying all of your posts showing your progress, thoughts or brain-aches regarding P2P2.  I am.  And your thoughts and processes feed my process, so thank you so very much.


  1. I love that a new eye and a rearrangement of the fabric can turn it into something completely different. I also think that it is great that it changed your viewpoint to seeing its beauty.

    Interesting to hear about the processes of each person...I agree. I also like hearing others comments as it makes me take another - or different - look.

    Happy Weaving,

  2. Terri, "different" is fantastic, isn't it??

  3. Terri, just today Ronette said her definition of art is if it makes you look at the world a differently from the way you did before you saw the object. Well, her wooly-thing-folding skill would definitely fall into that category for me today.

  4. はじめまして!

  5. こんにちわ。「作家さん」かどうかわかりませんが、ただただきれいなものを織りたくて騒いでいるおばさんです。ぜひまたおいでください。


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