Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's enjoyable to read opinions on the subject with my new/relaxed attitude towards where exactly the border lies.  And in that vein, this article on a South African personal finance website of all places has been one of the most satisfying, as she throws in a lot of words and perspectives with which I could reflect on what/how I think.  I'll do that later. 

Just coincidentally, I've been reading another of Prof Matsui's book, this time on media and art, (written in 2002 and it's more about electronic and other new tools in making art rather than the social aspects of the Internet or the mass media,) and his first several chapters refers to Marshall McLuhan's writing, and tomorrow the local film society is showing McLuhan's Wake.

Lucky me!


  1. I've also been thinking about such jobs as type-setters, engravers (further back, when illustrations needed to be engraved,) and clock-makers. In 1998 I knew a young chap whose father was a clock-maker; that would make the clock maker born around 1948-53. There were crafts that unfortunately didn't seemed to have made it into the craft/quasi-art world.

  2. Meg -

    Thanks for posting this, and for sharing the link to that article. I found it informative and well done.


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